Our Story

Isabella and Berto, Owners of La FontanellaA converted Arcadia home, laced with sheer embroidered curtains, double-linened tables with fresh flowers, fresh white walls adorned with old world framed art and Italian music make this intimate restaurant feel like your Zia’s dining room in Tuscany…

Italian-born Isabella, Chef-Owner, offers a menu with variety from both ancestral regions, Tuscany & Sicily. Isabella says… “I personally love dishes that take me back to the special occasions and the traditions of my family. They have a very anchoring and enriching effect. When I returned to Italy to live in 1980, I dedicated the year to experiencing and collecting my family’s old recipes, their favorites and mine. And when I used to call my Mother who lived to 89, on her own, in Montecatini Terme in Tuscany, our favorite conversation was about the great new recipe she or I tried or just ate.  She was exuberant about cooking and eating, healthfully and deliciously, just as she taught me to do and luckily I inherited her taste buds and her zeal.”

“My favorite method of cooking is that of braising and roasting.  The flavors of the well seasoned meats with vegetables are truly satisfying, old fashioned, home cooking.  Even a simple roasted chicken, seasoned and massaged with herbs, spices and olive oil, is quite a meal when accompanied with roasted root vegetables. The flavors of vegetables as well are enhanced by braising, they’re sweeter and richer than the crunchy greens from the steamer.

“La Fontanella differs from other restaurants of the same cuisine…by taste and the details.  Basically, the way food is seasoned and browned, and the quality of the ingredients are of first importance. Great quality to start makes cooking simply a successful result. And the accompaniments we offer, such as the vegetables of the day, the variety of pasta and different sauces, the wonderful semolina bread with our signature dipping herbed olive oil, as well as our home made desserts and gelato. Also our 60+ wine selections, our friendly efficient staff and relaxing, classy decor together with the fine food make it a wonderful experience.”